Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oreo Banana Split Bites

I want to share the love with these amazing yummy treats. You can find the recipe here. I made these for my 7 year old's classroom birthday celebration. 

A few helpful tips: 
I thought one package of Oreos would be enough for a class of 17, nope, I needed 2 packages which led to another trip to town just to buy more Oreos. So save a trip and just buy at least 2 to begin with.

We ran out of white chocolate, so we used milk chocolate for about 1/2 of them. They turned out cute too.

If you can only handle a little bit of sweet, you will probably only be able to eat 1/2 of these. They are very very sweet. Good, but sweet.

If you don't want to use nuts, don't use them. We didn't and they were still tasty.

If you plan to take them to school, I suggest bringing a package of wipes for the kids. The teacher said they came in very handy when all the 1st graders had chocolate hands and faces.

Triple layer Neapolitan Oreos. I didn't even know they made these! Split in 1/2 with a banana slice in between.

Little helper, she was so good about helping. She will be a great little chef one day. =)

This is the before-the-drizzle shot. 

Ready to take to school.

Here are the mild chocolate ones. They look just as cute!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Dr. Corry is a veteran teacher in North Las Vegas and she just happens to send me things she has created to put on my blog. She thought this would be great to share for other teachers out there. Enjoy!

Last year, I had many students who did not fully complete their homework.  Because our homework is so focused on helping the students maintain their academic mastery levels, it is important that they do it.  So, this year, I created Corryopoly.  I took various ideas from the internet on Homeworkopoly and changed them up specific to my classroom, the school, and a fairy tale theme.  All students who complete the homework for the week get to play.  They each take a turn rolling the dice and moving around the board.  If they land on a property, they earn a classroom penny, nickel, dime, or quarter based what row they are traveling.  Coins are traded up to quarters, half dollars, and dollars to go shopping in the class store.  In addition, if they land on Chance or Community Computers, they pick an extra incentive card.  They especially like those cards because the cards say things such as "sit at the teacher's table" or "lunch with a friend in the classroom" or "phone call home from the teacher to a parent with lots of praise for the student" or "bring in a special show and tell item to share."  

Pink and Orange Sets