Monday, July 28, 2014

Pantry Organization


Making great use of waste to hold canned goods. Thinking that making coating the boxes with glue and covering with scrapbooking paper would add extra strength, I covered them in glue. But I never did add the scrapbooking paper. They work just fine for smaller cans like soup.


The key was to put the things the kids get themselves like cereal down where they can reach them and the things they shouldn't be getting into like candy up higher where it is most difficult for them to reach.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Buzz LightYear Cake

For my sons birthday way bake in December (yes, I'm that far behind!) he wanted a buzz lightyear cake. 

We started with a 9x13 cake and then carved it into a rocket shape. We split it in two and cut the top layer into a square.

This was the first time we tried a special filling. We found this stuff at walmart. 

My husband dirty icing the cake.

To make the wings, we just used leftover cake. 

We put them on cardboard covered with tin foil. Make sure to make the cardboard long enough to push the extra into the sides of the cake.  

Detail work.

It takes the longest.

But it is pretty awesome to see it come together.

To attach the wings, we just pushed them into the side of the cake.

Finished product.

I think he likes it!

Happy birthday buddy!