Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekly Cleaning Chart

The past couple of months I have wanted to organize my house a little better which includes the way we clean. We used to have Saturday mornings as cleaning time. That worked great for awhile, but then we got into the habit of trying to get done quickly and things started not getting done very well. Additionally, summer came along and most of our Saturdays were jam packed with things to do. Our house started getting neglected. Thats when I started researching weekly cleaning charts. Each day if I do a little something my house will always be clean. That's the idea anyway. I based my chart off of this one I found. I changed a few things according to my schedule and came up with my own chart.

I would love to tell you how this is going for me, but the day after I made this chart, my husband and I got into an impromptu kitchen remodel (which I have been taking pics of and will post someday;). Hopefully, soon, the kitchen will be done and I can try out my old but new cleaning chart.

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