Friday, August 17, 2012

Baby Oil Cleaning

My hubby and I cleaned out our bathroom the other day. We had so many things shoved all over the place that if we wanted to do something like cut hair, we'd have to get the clippers from this spot and the scissors from there and a comb from way over that way. Additionally, we had so many baby items and sadly for me we have no more babies. :( 

As we were cleaning cupboards, we came across several containers of baby oil. I hardly ever used it when my babies were actual babies so we had quite a bit. Not wanting to waste it, I scoured Pinterest for ideas for baby oil. I came across this pin and decided I would try to clean my very scummy bathtub with it. 

To my surprise, it worked! I also read somewhere that used dryer sheets make excellent cleaning clothes so I tried those with the baby oil. It was fine, but a regular towel worked good too. 

Before: UGH!!!

After: YAY!!!

Bubble baths here I come! :)

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