Tuesday, September 24, 2013

M&M day

One of the days we had in Vegas was M&M day. It was a blast. I just had to share.

We went to M&M World on the strip. If you have never been there, go. It is pretty cool-full of history, pictures, picture opportunities, even a free 3D show, and tons and tons of stuff to look at. Seriously its 4 levels of things you might not have ever imagined existed in the M&M world. Here's a tiny, minuscule, itty bitty, teeny tiny bit about what we did and saw while there.

Yellow came out and there wasn't even a long line to see him.

Love how my little man is posing like mr. cool will a statue of blue.

So, they found these cute plush M&M's. We just had to take a picture with them.

Photo Op! Apparently many people miss this wall. It is kind of tucked away behind the movie.

So, after going and seeing and doing so much, we decided to have some activities centered around M&Ms. My mom created a mach lesson using M&Ms. While she was working with them, I was setting up an M&M obstacle corse. 

Because I have some small children, I wanted to make sure they knew what they were doing so we walked through each step slowly together. Then, we started...

Down the stairs.

Fill a cup by sending M&Ms down the tube.

She found the trick to it. I still had to help Little Man.

The first time we did this, we did it as fast as we could while staying all together. It worked out great for pictures! This was jumping over the M&M bag towers. I had to give my younger brother a tiny challenge with the taller bags.

Then, eat the four M&Ms without hands.

Push the M&M with you nose to the line.

She was giggling so much, it was really a difficult task at this point.

Search for your bag of M&Ms.

Run upstairs and collapse.

Then we did it again one at a time for those who wanted to be timed. They had a blast!

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