Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cake Balls

Okay so a crazy long time ago when it was my daughter's birthday in way back in September, she wanted to take something special in to her classmates at school. We thought about cookies or cupcakes, but that's done quite a bit. I wanted to try something different and did not want to hand out so much sugar to a classroom full of kindergarteners. I suggested cake pops.

I had heard about these for awhile, and wanted to try them. Not being a huge fan of cake myself, I thought these would be great. a few bites of cake and then done. Plus there are some really, really cute ideas out there for decorating these things. Mine didn't turn out as cute as some, but it was my first time... give me a break.

I found a great tutorial here. I even watched a video with it. Here's how mine turned out.

Crumble the baked cake mix and add frosting. I used canned cream cheese frosting. Please, please, please follow the Diva's Can Cook suggestion and DO NOT add too much frosting. I seriously hardly added any frosting.

I put these in the freezer to chill while I cleaned up my cake baking stuff.

Then, I got my brown chocolate melts out and set everything up to stick the sticks in the cake balls. I refrigerated these overnight, as I only had evenings to work on these. This part I must have messed up because throughout the next step, these silly sticks would not stay put. They kept coming out of the cake balls even though they were dipped in candy melts before I stuck them in the balls. 

Dip in more candy melts. Like I said, many of the sticks came out of the cake balls while I was dipping.

Little miss wanted brown and pink. Too cute together.

I used two boxes with holes poked into them to decorate, store, and serve these cuties. 

Add decoration. Some are much cuter than others, but they all tasted the same. And kindergarteners really couldn't care less, right?

I put plastic bags over them and tied them with pink ribbon to keep them "sanitary."

Final product.

I think they enjoyed them. No, I'm sure about it. It is sugar and oh so cute who wouldn't enjoy them?

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