Saturday, November 10, 2012

Green Tomato Salsa

So, this was done quite a while ago, but since I'm iced in my house--okay, not literally, but it is pretty icy outside and there is no way I'm going out there today--why not get caught up. Besides, earlier I promised that once I posted about this green tomato salsa, I would get started with holiday crafts! I have so many cute things in mind. Now, with this one done, I can get started on some crafty things. 

I have made this salsa for two years now. Last year, the growing season left me with tons of unripe tomatoes and they were going bad inside before they ripened. I did not want to waste them, thus one of my favorite recipes came to life. Actually, I just found it. But I usually make it slightly different. Here is the original recipe. I made it the first time with green peppers from my garden since that is all I had. I'm pretty sure I also used lemon juice instead of lime juice.

It was so good that I had to plan to make it this year. We planned for green tomatoes. When the time came, my wonderful husband stopped by the store after work to pick up the ingredients. Unfortunately, he bought out all of the red peppers before we had enough, so he picked up some yellow ones too. This year the only change I made was the peppers. We had red, yellow and green. I did different batches with each of these to see which we like best. I'll have to let you know...

We had so much that it took me all day. When the boys came back from hunting, they even sat down to help. I had tons of helping hands that you will see. It really helped!

First batch with red peppers.

Onions, jalapeƱos, and cilantro. We cut them first, then used a chopper to make them chopped. 

We had quite the system going. Washing, cutting, chopping, weighing, cooking. It was a huge process.

Yellow peppers.

 You can see there is a difference between red and yellow peppers.

Again, here is the link for this recipe. It is so good and quite different. It is not like regular salsa, it's much better!


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