Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spunky: Our Elf

I know I have heard mixed feelings about Elf on the Shelf, but our family just started this tradition. I think that it added excitement to each day of December leading up to Christmas. The kiddos had a blast looking for Spunky our elf each morning. They even got a kick out of when he would find his way back onto his shelf. These are some of the things we woke up to in the morning.

This was pretty fun. We turned on the fan and Spunky was swinging around in the air.

Put a spot of red on each kid's nose. My son wiped the first try off right away so he had a red streak on his hand in the morning as well as red on his nose. All of them knew there was something on their nose and was picking at it before they had a chance to see it in the mirror. 

In the bathroom sink.

This snowman dances around. The kids knew not to touch Spunky, but they liked watching him dance around.

One of my favorites. Each deer got a different kids' [clean ;)] undies. 

I love how he is positioned.

He made a snow angel out of flour on our kitchen table. See the footprints.

He was fun to have this holiday season. My middle girlie keeps asking when he can come back. Hopefully next year when he comes back he will be a little less mischievous... or not! :)

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