Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ball Ornament Wreath

I'm on a roll! When I go back to work I won't have this time to write a post every day. Better enjoy it while I can. 

So, I started this project during garage sale time in the summer. I saw several pinterest ideas for how to make your own Christmas ornament wreath. But because my husband doesn't like the ball ornaments I did not have any. I started looking around thrift stores for good deals, but nothing caught my eye for a low enough price. During garage sale-ing one weekend I came across bags of ornaments for $.25 each. Jackpot! 

One night, while my husband was working graveyard shift, I decided to put in a good movie and try to make this thing in bed. DO NOT TRY THIS! There was glitter EVERYWHERE! My husband kept asking why there was glitter on the bed, the floor, his clothes (since this is where I fold our laundry), and his pillow which inadvertently ended up making his face all sparkly. Imagine a big, tough, burly correctional officer going into a prison with some pretty glitter on his face, hair, boots, uniform, and handcuffs. Makes me laugh every time! Ah-hum, not funny, not funny...

There was glitter all over for a good month, no matter how often I washed those sheets. In addition, I did not think it was necessary to glue the little metal tops to the actual balls. I don't know why I did not think this step was necessary. I guess I just wanted a shortcut. I should know by now that shortcuts are not a good thing usually... Read my other posts to learn how I like to try shortcuts and usually make more work for myself. 

So, about three months after my first try. I decided to get this thing done and do it right. My supplies: a hot glue gun, a wire hanger, and about 40 ball ornaments or more. 

First thing you will want to do is glue those metal things onto the balls. It is time consuming and a pain, but trust me, it is so worth it and pretty much a must--unless you enjoy having to try to connect 40 ornaments back onto the wreath over and over again.  

Next, slide the ornaments onto the wire hanger in any order that pleases your fancy. Then, twist the hanger a few times to secure the ornaments. 

Finally, tie a pretty bow on your wreath. I tied mine so that it covered the twisted wire. I should have used more ornaments. My wreath is a small one, but it's cute nonetheless. 

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