Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Heart Nap Time

As a mom nap times have always been precious to me. I use the time for doing things that I find are hard to do with 3 little kids running around be it cleaning or simply relaxing. Unfortunately, I think nap times are about to change around our house which will make for very long summer days when I don't get that extra down time.

On one particular day, I tucked my sweet, wonderful baby boy in for a routine nap. I kissed his forehead and headed out his door making sure that I shut it. After nap time, I went to wake up my calm, well-rested toddler. This is what I found:

The door couldn't open any more than this because his mattress was on the floor.

Sticking my camera in farther I realized that my son had emptied out his closet full of clothes, moved the rocking chair from the far corner you see to the light switch, knocked over his changing table that we now use as storage which holds his socks, undies, and shoes, took off all the bedding, moved the top mattress down a level, and fell asleep on the spring mattress. 

It was this day I realized that my baby boy was no longer my baby, he's my strong, little, messy man.

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