Saturday, April 13, 2013

Verbs- Jeopardy Game

I just finished my Masters in Elementary Education so while I wait for a position to open up at our local school, I have been given several job opportunities to keep me at school as much as they can. Teaching 5th grade grammar is one of those wonderful opportunities. I started right after I was done student teaching last fall and have been trying several different things out to see what works best with the students. For the unit on verbs I wanted to do something that they were not used to. I made notes for the students to fill in while we learned about the many many rules that go with verbs. I hope to upload the notes soon; but for now, I will give you the review game I made for them.

It is a Jeopardy Game that aligns really well with the book we use, but some of you might be able to use it in your classrooms.


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