Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Scavenger Hunt

When we had our spring party, we included an egg hunt. But this wasn't a regular egg hunt, I wanted to save the for Easter. We created a scavenger hunt. We started by getting our baskets. Each child had their own basket with their name written on a tag that matched the color of plastic egg they were looking for. We had pink, yellow, purple, green, blue, and orange. Then, we gave them the first clue. 

They were easy clues so that the kids who don't live at my house could have a chance of figuring them out too. Here were my clues: 
1. Your dad is hungry. (Fridge)
2. Madilyn wants to read to us. (Kids' bookshelf in reading nook)
3. It's cold outside, you better put something warm on. (Coats)
4. McKinnley wants to barrow some of Melissa's clothes. (Girls' closet)
5. The upstairs bathroom is being used. (Downstairs bathroom)
6. We just put a big boy bed in Carter's room. (Carter's room)
7. Jackson is tired. We have an extra bed somewhere. (Downstairs bedroom)
8. I heard Reagan likes GREEN tractors. (The tractor in our shop)

The each had to look for their own egg and find the next clue. The last one was a bit tricky for them because we have a vehicle toy drawer that I knew they would go try to find their eggs. But it was really outside and took them to their final spot which was individual gifts for the boys and the girls instead of eggs. After this they got to go open their eggs and their gifts.

Inside the eggs were a ton of dollar store items like stickers, paint, and toys. We tried to stay away from candy because both of us moms decided that the kids have enough candy as it is. The kids had so much fun. That night for bedtime prayers, my oldest asked that we would be blessed to do it again.

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