Monday, January 27, 2014

Kitchen Redo- Painting & Staining

We had leftover paint that we knew we could use. Yellow from our main floor and brown from our bathroom. To decide, we painted one cupboard brown and one yellow. 



We settled on brown. I really actually thought the yellow would be fun-add a pop of color from inside since we plan on repainting our yellow kitchen and dining room a different color anyway. But brown was the safe choice and my hubby likes to lean toward the safe side.  Me, I'm more bold.

Here is the pre-stained inside painted look.

Again, no stain yet.

We went with golden oak color for the stain. 

It looks different in different light. Even now that we've had the cabinets done for 3-4 months they look different in different light.

We really wanted to get the inside done because our house was a mess and our kitchen was un-usable and we hadn't sat at our table to eat for a really really long time. Oh, and our living room was taken over by all the kitchen innards. We focused on getting the entire inside finished before we started working on the doors. 

When the painting and staining was done, we covered the stain with a few coats of polyurethane. Luckily we did this part while the air wasn't so cold and could open our windows because the fumes were terrible!

To see the before and after pictures click here.
To see the sanding process click here.

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