Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kitchen Redo- The Mess

If you are thinking about starting this messy job, be warned! This is what we lived with for a month or so.

This was on our kitchen table that sits right outside the kitchen. It was incredibly dusty. We actually had to clean all our kitchen things before we could put them away after we finished because the dust got everywhere. Cover your things if you can!

Our living room was taken over. Anytime we wanted something, we would have to dig for it in this mess. I even tried to organize all the stuff when we were moving out of the kitchen, but it didn't work very well.

Look at how clean it was when we finally got to put everything away! 

We also finally were able to eat at our table. This was our first meal after a month of not being able to use it. We were so happy. Even my husband was happy enough to let me take a picture of him smiling!

To see the before and after pictures click here.
To see the sanding process click here.
To see the painting and staining process click here.

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