Friday, August 16, 2013

Lost in the summer

I have been so lost in the summer hustle and bustle that I have not had a chance to get online much let alone put up some posts. I have, however, kept up on my picture taking of all the fun things we have done this summer to post on here. I will get them up with time. I have a friend who has a couple of businesses plus she is a stay at home mom who is always doing really fun things with her kids. On top of everything she does, she also blogs. She gets up at least one post a week. While I am trying to get adjusted to a regular schedule and as school begins, that is my goal. Here is my to do list of things to come. I put it up here so that I can hold myself accountable for getting this stuff up, and let's face it, I really just don't want to forget any of the fun things I have to share with the world!

Bridal Shower Cake
Spice Game
4th of July Nails
Trip Behavior Management
M&M day- obstacle course
Shark Reef day- handmade jellyfish craft
Discovery Children's Museum day
Mint Julep Recipe
Crazy Cool Puppets/Masks
Never Enough Fluff- adding fluff to a pre made dress
Easy Hair Updo
Back-to-School fairy
Back-to-School traditions- breakfast, pictures
Back-to-School teacher gifts
Raspberry Jam
Weekly Cleaning Chart
Behavior Chart 
Are We There Yet? Ideas

Maybe by the time I get these things up I will have done tons more fun things to blog about. But until then, check back each week to see these awesome posts.

Here are some sneak-peek pictures to hold you over until I get all the other posts up...


 M&M World

Sugarless Wedding Cake =)
Are we there yet? Ideas

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