Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back-to-School Fairy

She's back!!! Last year I wanted to do more things for my kids that would make lasting memories. What better way to make memories than start traditions? You can see last year's BTSF post here.
So basically, the BTSF leaves a little note and gift on the doorstep, rings the doorbell , and somehow disappears before the kids even get a chance to see where she went. This all happens as the kids are getting ready for bed the night before school starts. The note usually complements them on how much they learned last year and suggests that they keep learning. Recently we have been having issues with bossiness. The BTSF knew this and gave some advice that our kiddos really seemed to take to heart. This year, the BTSF was long winded. My hubby asked why the BTSF would leave such a long note for a couple of beginning readers! Just a suggestion... =)
Here is how our adventure played out this year:

And Open!

This year, the BTSF left some markers, school supplies, sunglasses, a craft item, and a new shirt.

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