Monday, August 19, 2013

Spice Game

Last week I posted about a cousin's bridal shower. As a co-host, I was asked to come up with a couple games. I want to share one with you today.

This is similar to the white stuff game if any of you know what that is. Basically, each guest has to guess what each spice is by smelling and seeing it through the container. I had 3 sets of 3 spices that were similar. For example, I had 3 red spices, 3 white spices, and 3 green spices that all looked and some even smelled similar. If I was playing this game, I'd have no clue. 

Before you begin, make sure to make a "teacher copy" (you can't tell I'm a teacher, can you?) that has the answers so you don't forget what they are!

You will want to give each spice a number. Have the guests number their papers 1-9 or however many spices you have. Then start passing them around allowing the guest to only smell and see the spices. If you want it really tough, don't give them the overall list of spices. If you want it simpler, you can provide a list of all the spices for them to choose from. I actually typed all the spices in a word document, copied and pasted it enough times to accommodate all our guests, cut the lists into little pieces of paper, and had them write the number that matched the listed spice on their small papers.

I wanted the bride-to-be to take these spices home for her use, so I bought new spices. I opened and folded the paper seal under lid with holes to pour only enough to be able to smell them, and I replaced both lids. I kept the seals attached, however, so that we could unfold them and re-screw the lids as if they were new. I also told the bride-to-be that these were hers and explained to her what I did and that they were new. She didn't mind at all that we used them. Because of the no touching rule of the game, no one had their fingers all over the lid or in the spices. 

To hide the label of the spice so that it would still be usable afterwards, I simply covered it with paper. I used red for the red spices, green for the green spices, and yellow for the yellow spices. After cutting the paper into strips big enough to hide the label, I drew numbers similar to these. Then I taped the paper onto the spice container making sure I did not get tape on the actual label so it would be intact after the game.

Silly me, I meant to get pictures of all the spices lined up ready for the game and even during the game, but I was too busy playing co-host. =( 

It was a great game and there was only one person who got all the spices right... the bride-to-be! 

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