Thursday, May 30, 2013

Behavior Charts

UPDATE: Here are my updated charts that have the links so you can print them.

My kids like structure and they thrive from the structure we try to create in our home. To help with that I have created a chart that allows my kids to know what is expected of them each day. This way they know what they need to get done and I only have to remind them one or two times each day. I thought I'd share them online so that others can use them or get ideas for their own chore charts.

Instead of calling them chore charts I saw on Pinterest an idea to title them "This is how I contribute to my family." I liked that idea, so that's what I used. I have some non-readers so I used both pictures and words on all three charts.

Click here to see the new, better, and updated versions. 

They each get stickers (star stickers I get at Walmart in the office supply section for much cheaper than those expensive fancy ones) to put in the boxes they complete each day. For the older two my husband and I decided that we need to instill in them a since of serving others. We added the "extra" boxes so that they would think of something kind to do for others each day. We have had these up for a week now, and it is proving a tad challenging for them to figure it out. We have been pointing out nice things to do throughout the day so they begin to understand what type of things we are expecting.

We don't stick to this 100% everyday. For example, we spent one day in town and came home in time for my daughter's t-ball practice. Therefore, we had no time to complete many things on this chart. In that case, they get their stickers anyway because they never had the chance to complete the task.

Lastly, as a reward system if they get all their stars, they get one piece of candy. If they get 5 days of all their stars they get to pick a fun activity to do. Things like paint nails for the girls, watch a short movie, or have a picnic are all favs in our family.

One more thing, sorry. During the school year I wanted my kindergartener to know that school and home are connected. There is a relationship between school and home and if she doesn't follow the rules there, it will carry to home. We used the chart idea at school too. After talking with my daughter's teacher, we sent a behavior chart to school with her in her folder that is checked daily at school and home (all the students have the folders). If she got a no for behavior she didn't get a sticker at home. She didn't have too many no's throughout the year, but I wanted to her to start off young knowing that school carries over to home. 

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