Sunday, May 26, 2013

YW Revelation Lesson

I'm so lucky! I get to teach young women (YW) for a few weeks in a row this summer because of vacations and such. Don't worry, the other councilors will make up for it when I go on vacation.

For the last lesson in May, I decided to choose the one on personal revelation. You can find it here.

Whenever I plan a lesson for YW I read through the lesson and then see what fun and cute ideas that others have come up with. I enjoy looking and reading other people experiences because it is one way that helps guide me to what exactly the girls need. Then I like to make it my own by adding something to it.

I usually go to Sugardoodle first and that is where I found this cute idea. That is when I came up with a theme for the lesson. I don't usually do "themes" but I felt really good about this one. It focuses on the idea that there is a recipe to receive personal revelation. Throughout the lesson by incorporating the ideas that are provided within the lesson itself, we will learn what that recipe is.

I will start the lesson off with the thought that if you don't follow the recipe you won't get what you want in the end. A cake that has too little sugar. Cookies that have too much salt. Bread without the yeast. You get the idea. Throughout the lesson we will come to realize that in order to receive personal revelation it is important to have faith, study the scriptures, pray, obey, and be meek and humble. Without those items, it will be hard to get the answer you want in the end.

I changed the handout from the candy corn to popcorn balls. I made some popcorn balls that will be part of the table set up and will be given to each of the girls at the end with the recipe for the popcorn balls and the recipe card for personal revelation.

Hopefully the girls will love it too.

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