Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Party in a Box

I came across this idea from none other than Pinterest. My mom's birthday was coming and I wanted to throw a party for her. The only problem is that she lives in Las Vegas and I live in the middle of no where North Dakota. The solution? A party in a box as she likes to call it.

To start, we wrote messages on strips of paper. We settled on writing happy birthday in many different languages. Then we wrote the names of the different languages on strips. Once that was done, we filled each balloon with one strip of paper. Then, on the outside of the balloons, we wrote letters for her to try to put in order to make a saying.

I typed up the letter that explained the games. I included a fill in the blank spot for the message from the letters on the outside of the balloons, and I included a key for the languages so she could check to see if her guesses were correct.

Filling the box with all the balloons was so fun for the kids. The little buggers were so static-y that it was hard keeping them in the box.

Because it was mainly balloons in the box the cost was pretty inexpensive. I did have a small gift in there too. 

I have an amazing mom who knew I'd want to put this online so she took some pictures for me on her end. I did have my kids help write the languages hence the "kid" handwriting and the guidelines on some of them.

The box was so big that my younger brother asked if he could be shipped back to us. I love this picture!

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