Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Graduation Time

With the end of the year here it is now time to celebrate with all the graduates. We have a good family friend whose daughter graduated high school this year. We ended up making her graduation cake and I am here today to show you the process and the finished product.

My hubby's grandmother made and decorated cakes for years and apparently she passed down her talent to my husband. He has always liked to pretend to decorate cakes for all our birthdays, but when this opportunity came up for him to make a cake for someone else, he jumped all over it.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous because he has never made a "professional" type cake before. But it all turned out great and the mother and graduate were happy with the final product.

I don't know the actual terms, but these are a few that my husband or I have heard throughout the years. So pardon my non-cake terminology.

They wanted a swirl cake, but after trying several different methods, we just couldn't get it right. So we ended up doing a zebra cake which gave us much better results. Here is the link to the recipe and directions for the actual cake.

Because he had never used fondant for embellishments (we used it for the flowers) we had fun experimenting with various patterns and tools. That was my job, the flowers.

Crumb coating it. Hubs had never done this before, but it helped to create a hardened layer that would not lift up the cake when he tried to frost it.

They didn't want fondant, which is good, because the hubby is used to playing around with buttercream frosting. 

Making it all smooth.

Starting the decorations. Here is the picture he was working from.

Adding the finishing touches. 
And the completed cake. This sucker was heavy!!! And to top it off, my husband hurt his back, so guess who got to lift this thing in and out of the fridge and the car for delivery? 

It was fun to help out, but I wish my husband would stop saying that WE have to start on the next cake. This is HIS thing, not mine! Ha! I'll post those pics of that one too when we are done.

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