Sunday, March 17, 2013

2nd Grade Reading Unit

During my student teaching I had to complete a large unit. I chose to compile a reading unit based on the new common core standards. I spoke with my supervising teacher and together we came up with one main common core standard that was not covered in the curriculum currently used in the classroom.
Second Grade Literature: "Recount stories, including fables and folktales from diverse cultures, and determine their central message, lesson, or moral."

I started off by reading several fables and folktales to the students. With each one, we discussed specifics such as characters, setting, beginning, problem, solution, and moral. For one we focused on the beginning, middle, and end. The students created a flipchart where they could flip open the first flap and draw a picture of the beginning, then move to the middle, and the end. For another one, we focused on the problem and the conclusion. Finally, I read three stories to the students and we filled out their own charts like the one below.

Title & Author
Characters & Character Traits

I focused on Little Red Riding Hood. The variations were Lon Po Po  by Ed Young, Betsy Red Hoodie by Gail Carson Levine, and Petite Rouge by Mike Artell. Petite Rouge was my favorite because I read it with a southern bayou type accent. The kids loved it and asked me many times to talk with an accent throughout my student teaching. 

When we were done discussing and comparing the different variations, we made a huge class chart that we got to hang in the hall for parent/teacher conferences. 

After the class chart, the students were given another individual chart that looked exactly like the one above, but it only had one row. The students were to fill their chart out with ideas to begin writing their own stories. Once the chart was done, they used it to write their rough drafts, they used partners to help edit and revise their stories, and then they published them. They were so proud. Unfortunately, I had to leave before they were all finished. However, I had a great master teacher who invited me back when the students had completed their illustrations. I got to hear each of them read their own story and see their creativity shine. It was a very proud moment for a silly student teacher.

This was so much fun, I will most definitely be doing this kind of thing again when I get into my own classroom.

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