Monday, March 18, 2013

Stand in Holy Places Necklace

At church there are three people who work with the teenage girls. One works specifically with the 12-13 year olds, one the 14-15 year olds, and one the 16-18 year olds. The three of us work together to try to create the best for all of the girls. We think that a teenage girl's birthday is pretty special, and we decided that these were too good to not give all the girls.  Me being, or should I say pretending to be, crafty thought this would be easy enough to make. It was pretty simple, and they did turn out great! 

This idea comes from The Idea Door. She posted all the links which made it very easy to find and order all the materials. But there were no directions. I feel comfortable enough to put these together without directions, but for those who like or need step by step, here ya go. These are easily adaptable to create any kind of necklace you would like.

The materials: 
  • A charm. I got these Salt Lake Temple charms from Charming LDS Gifts.
  • Split rings. You can find these at any craft store with a jewelry section. I got mine from Wal-mart.
  • Quote or picture printed on photo paper. I downloaded the 2013 Mutual theme scripture from The Idea Door.
  • Clear epoxy stickers.
  • Ball Chain.
  • Bottle Caps. I bought the epoxy stickers, ball chain, and bottle caps from Fizzy Pops on Etsy. They came as an entire kit which was very convenient. 
  • Glass Pearls. You can get these in a jewelry section. I got mine from Wal-mart. They came in a string with large beads, small beads, and silver beads.
  • Head and eye pins. I got mine at Wal-mart.
  • Needle nose pliers. Unless you have a jewelry making tool that works better than needle nose pliers. 
  • Double sided tape.

Once everything came I was so ready to get started. I made these while my husband and I watched a movie. 
Here is the charm. The hole was too small for the ball chain, so I had to use split rings.

These are the rings that usually go on key chains. You have to open one side and slide the key on. Then you have to twist the key and the ring in opposite directions to the the key securely on the ring. These are just a smaller version of the key ring. 

This was probably the hardest part. These little buggers were so stinking small. I struggled to figure out a way to get the charm onto the split ring. But once I found a way, it worked like a charm. =) My nails are not that strong and are not very long, but that is what I used for this part. I stuck my thumb nail in the middle of the ring toward the end of opening.

 Then, I slid the charm on using pressure from my thumb and my other hand holding the charm to get the charm started on the ring. It sounds more complicated than it sounds.

This is where needle nose pliers come in handy. Use them to twist the ring around until the charm is completely hooked onto the split ring. 


I didn't get a picture of the quotes before I stuck the epoxy stickers on it and started cutting. But you get the idea. I printed these on my own printer on some old photo paper I had. If you have the resources, I would suggest getting these printed at a photo place. These turned out great, but they could have been more black and printed on better paper. 

I didn't have the right size circle punch so I put the stickers on over the quote and cut them out around the stickers. 

The bottle caps came with split rings already attached thanks to the entire kit I got for the bottle caps, ball chain, and stickers. 

I used regular Elmer's glue to attach the quote to the bottle caps. I highly suggest NOT doing this. It turned the black on the quote a different color (grayish-blue) and it didn't really even keep the quote attached. My suggestions would be to try either strong scrapbooking tape or regular double sided tape. If you try it, let me know what worked best for you.

Making progress!

I didn't get a picture of the string of beads before I took them apart, but there were large beads, small beads, and silver beads. The original had caps that were pretty cute, and I did see them at Wal-mart, but opted to use these instead.

These are the head and eye pins I used. I have to be honest, I had no clue what these were until I looked for them in the jewelry section.

There are two different types of pins in this package. Flat headed ones, and eye hole ones. I used the flat head ones because they fit the best with the beads I was using. Either one would look good.

These are the beads I decided to use: the large bead and two silver ones.

On a flat head pin put the silver bead, the big bead, and then another silver one. Or whatever combo you like.

Slide the beads all the way down and create a hook . You are beginning to create a circle that you will hold the beads to the ball chain. It looks like a fish hook earring. I did use the needle nose pliers for this part too. It made it very easy.

Finish your circle, making sure that your "eye" is big enough to put on your ball chain.

Wrap the remainder of the pin around the bottom of the "eye" circle you made.

Another part finished!

The last step is the best one! Slide all of your elements onto your ball chain and relish in the fact that you made it. Or if you are making these for a crowd, that you finished them all! 

I hope the girls like them and they are a reminder to stand for what they believe in.


  1. Any idea what these cost per necklace?

    1. It is about $2.45 per necklace. Here is a breakdown list so you know where the best place is to try to cut down the cost if you need/want to.

      Cost per necklace:
      Head & Eye Pin-$0.02
      Split rings-$0.02
      Bottle Caps/Epoxy Stickers/Ball Chain-$0.96