Thursday, March 7, 2013

Steampunk Inspired Scrapbook Page

A while ago I sold scrapbooking supplies and held a monthly crop (scrapbookers retreat) where my friends and their friends would meet up and scrapbook all day. One month, I became way too busy to sell anymore and the crops stopped. About a year later, some of those same friends decided to give our monthly crops a rebirth. I still don't sell scrapbooking supplies but it is so fun to meet up with my friends and share ideas and work all day on something the I love doing, but rarely have time for. At the last crop, a good friend (you can find her here) helped me with a few pages and made me promise that I would post this page on my blog. Although the "steampunkness" is very mild on this page it was my inspiration. Thanks for all the ideas crop buddies; it turned out great!

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