Friday, March 15, 2013

YW Challenges

For those who are looking for young women teaching ideas, here is how our branch does our lessons to go with the new curriculum.

Because the curriculum is so focused on living the principles taught and really getting it in the girls' lives and out in the world, we wanted to really incorporate a weekly challenge that had to do with each week's lesson.

We bought hooks that are attached to suction cups so the girls could hang their weekly challenge on the hooks. We asked the girls to put the hooks on their mirror at home so that every time they looked in the mirror, they would see the challenge and hopefully be more likely to complete the it.

At the beginning of each lesson, we try (notice I say try, this is new for us too!) to ask the girls how their challenge went the previous week and how the concepts we talked about in the previous lesson helped them throughout the week.

So far, it is working well. At the beginning it was hard for the girls to get in the habit of taking the handouts/challenges out of their scripture bags, but I think it is going well now.

This challenge is for the March lessons on the Atonement. It goes with the signs I made here. I used the pattern from the bottom of the quote used that found here. I found the flourish by typing in "orange flourish" in a google search. I copied and pasted it into word and changed to color to match the striped pattern.

I want the girls to write a trial or two in their lives and then throughout the lesson come up with a way to overcome that challenge through the atonement of Christ. Throughout the week, they will hopefully see these and be able to overcome one of their own trials or at least begin to work towards overcoming a trial.

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