Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Family Calendar

Because of my husband's and my mixed up schedules we often forget who is doing what and when we are doing it. I have been looking for a solution for awhile now, and finally I found one that suits our family's needs. This idea came from a mix of these two places: Paint Chip Calendar and Organized Wall

After getting my hubby's input, I bought a poster frame from Walmart. It was the cheapest one they had- about $10. Next I picked out some paint chips. We wanted neutral since our house is a yellow color. I figured out how many squares I wanted to complete the calendar, and then raided the paint chips. I ended up with 5 of each color and 7 different colors. 

I also bought a little black organizer with 3 slots to hold papers, a small magnetic white board, a magnetic cup holder, and dry erase markers. 

I also used a paper cutter and glue.

At the last minute we changed our minds about the placement in our house, so we had to change the size of the poster frame. Lucky for me, my handy husband wanted to do that part. He first cut the foam mat. Then he cut the plexi glass and the plastic slip-on frame.

We laid out the paint chips how we wanted them and then cut them all down to the right size. Then we glued them on.

Once dry, I wrote the month, the dates, bills, and our schedules.

Here is the whole area. The white board is above calendar with the shopping list and the pen cup. On the right side is the paper holder where we put our bills. The white board came with sticky strips but the whole thing fell down within a day with a loud bang and pens everywhere. My husband decided that he was going to screw it into the wall. But first he screwed the cup to the board and then the board to the wall. It hasn't moved since. 

Since January, we have February up. January's schedule came down without any problems except for the places where my 6 year old used permanent marker to trace over my writing.

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