Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quiet Book- Space and Robot

Last page! I knew I wanted a space and robot page from the beginning and did not find too many pages that were interactive and were space and robots online. So, I came up with these ideas. 

On the space page, you can button and unbutton the stars and move them around to different buttons. The space ship also moves up and down on a piece of ribbon. 

The robot's head, arms, and legs all snap on and off. His middle zips and sometimes, the kids can find little surprises hidden in the zipper part. 

Okay, so one day I had a good friend come over for a crafting/play date. The kids got to play while we got to craft. She helped me make several things. But while we were busy crafting away, my hubby came down and picked up a page of the quiet book. He began working on it and sewing it without anyone saying anything. Although he has no idea I took this, I had to get a picture, granted its not a great one, but proof that my hubby helped me with this project too! 

I did want some cohesiveness throughout the quiet book, so I used different shades of blue felt for each set of pages except on the front cover when I ran out of different shades of blue. After all the pages were put together, I sewed around the edges of front and back pages. Then I used a button hole stitch to create an opening for some kind of binding. I thought about using those little metal rings, and still might. But for now, I just used blue ribbon which seems to be working out just fine. 

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