Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Box

Happy Valentines Day!
Yesterday was a special day for us as we got to celebrate valentines day with our kiddos. I know that many people find valentines day to be a "made up" holiday for an excuse to spend money to show someone you care about them when you should show that special someone everyday you care about them. But since my husband and I have had children, we enjoy celebrating valentines day because it is another day when we can surprise our kids with some fun things. More on the surprises later...

For now, I have a special box to share with you. My youngest daughter was instructed to create a valentines day box for school. I had seen these and even though they are technically called "Tattle Boxes," I thought they would make a cute valentines day monster. After consulting with my daughter, she decided this is what she wanted to do for her v-day box.

Step 1: Gather materials. For this part we used a tissue box, paint brush, acrylic paint, and newspaper. 
Because purple is her favorite color, that's the color she wanted the box to be. We mixed together red and blue to get a purpleish color.

I let her do most of the work. Sometimes I tend to get crazy involved in helping, but this time I knew she would be so proud if she did this on her own.

Step 2: While the paint is drying, gather the materials for the next part. This time we used blue card stock,  a hot glue gun, googily eyes, and plastic thread spools, and newspaper.

Step 3: We turned on the fan and the paint dried pretty quickly. We did a second coat and while that was drying, Little Miss cut teeth out of the blue paper. I'm not sure what prompted her to use blue for the teeth, but that's what she picked...

Step 4: She decided she liked the dots on the example boxes that I showed her from online, so we went with it. Again, I mixed some colors together to get a greenish color. She used a q-tip to dab the dots on the box. 

Step 5: Here is where I stepped in. I used the hot glue gun to attach the googily eyes to the thread spools. Then I used the glue gun to attach the teeth to the box. I thought this part might get tricky, but if you cut the paper into four pieces (at least for my style of box) and then put the glue on the paper instead of trying to put the glue on the inside of the box it goes rather smoothly. Lastly, glue the spools to the box.

It's cute, huh?

To finish it off, she wanted a bow. She was so excited to take it to school on Monday. Unfortunately, Monday we had a blizzard and school was cancelled. However, her box, which she named Melly, made it the next day and was filled with all kinds of fun valentines day goodies.

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