Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snowman Button Ornament

For Christmas gifts to grandparents and our day care gal I wanted the kids to be involved. After searching through many many great ideas I knew I wanted to keep with our "theme" of homemade Christmas gifts. I came across a Pinterest pin that was of a button Christmas tree. I thought that would be great considering when we bought my husband's grandma's house I inherited a huge amount of buttons. 

A few summers ago, I enlisted the help of my younger brother and my mom to help me organize all the buttons. We started by separating them into different colors. At the time, I was feeding my child baby food from jars so I had plenty of those sitting around to store the different colored buttons. 

When I decided on the button tree I went to find green buttons that would work. Well, I didn't have enough of the right green ones. So I began looking for other things we could make with buttons. I found this website with a few ideas. I chose the snowman because I knew I had more white buttons than any other color.

Each of the kids got a chance to make one. The best part was dumping the buttons out to find the right sizes. Especially because months later, we are still finding buttons in random places throughout our house thanks to kids who love playing hide and seek with various items. =)

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