Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jean Car Track

I have some really great friends, one of which is probably more crafty than I am. It is all her fault I make the time to go onto Pinterest at least once a day. One day our kids and she and I got together to work on crafts. our kids got an entire day to play. They had a blast. I helped her with her sewing machine so she could make these adorable towel robes for some cute little girls. We had so much fun that we decided to get together again. This time, she helped me make car tracks out of old jeans for my son's birthday. He loved them! 
Basically, she just cut out the jeans in track shapes, then she took a permanent marker and made dashes to resemble a road. 

We then sewed up the edges to prevent too much fraying. 

He loves playing with his cars and trucks and tracks. He is also pretty good at sharing with his two older sisters.

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